About Me

Hi. My name is Tyler Jensen. I've worked as an architect in the .NET stack since 2003 and have always been deeply involved in implementation on a daily basis. When Beta 2 was released in 2001, I convinced my boss at Ingenix to take a chance on .NET after showing him some prototypes I'd written in the off hours. I was happy to leave ASP and Delphi behind. I've never looked back. I soon found myself to be the resident .NET expert and was promoted to an architect role with regular implementation team involvement.

I love to solve problems and create architectures that prevent them. I'm driven, if not obsessed, by solving the most difficult technical challenges. When I don't have one to solve at work, I invent them on the side to keep my development skills sharp and give myself a reason to get out of bed, or even sometimes stay up all night. One such project I've recently been working on is a highly distributed, redundant NoSQL document database that is simple to use, deploy and maintain, built on the .NET stack and using SQLite as a storage mechanism.

I enjoy working face-to-face with teams as well as with remote teams. I've spent a good share of my career as an architect working with remote teams and using tools such as GotoMeeting to perform regular code reviews, inspections, and assist other developers in peer programming. I'm regularly involved in more than one project and working with more than one team.

Specialties: Enterprise application architecture and development on the Microsoft stack: C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, etc.