Be a Software Development Mentor

I like many aspects of my job but one stands out above all others: helping other developers. Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as hooking up the mental chains and pulling a fellow developer out of the code mud in which she or he is stuck.

I grew up on a small farm where there was never any lack for work to do, much of which was tedious and boring. But it was always exciting to get a call from a neighbor asking us to come pull them out of the mud or jump start a car or rescue an animal from some odd predicament. It never took much time, but the simple gratitude of the person helped was the best compensation I’d ever known as a child.

Now my tractor is my brain and my software tools and the chains are made of thousands of hours of experience forging one experience into another and storing these up, mostly for my own work, but also for those enjoyable moments when I take a call from a colleague who is just stuck and needs a little guidance.

My tractor and chain is not better than anyone else’s really. But sometimes I’m in the right place at the right time to help another developer and this aspect of my job is my favorite. Spinning up a GotoMeeting session and helping another developer find and solve a problem may sound dull and boring to some, but it gives me a boost.

Sometimes my colleagues are reluctant to call. (I work remotely.) Perhaps this is because they don’t want to waste my time or because they feel the need to solve the problem on their own. That’s okay. It’s good to solve problems on your own but I do appreciate the opportunity to help when I can.

And that is one of the main reasons I get up in the morning and make the 30 second commute to my basement office. Today, I might get to hook up the chains to the tractor and pull a friend or a neighbor out of the mud.

Hook up your chains to your tractor and become a software development mentor.