Let Us Embrace the Light

The news of the day is so often a myopic pinhole view on the landfill of the worst aspects of our human existence that one might easily fall into the toxic cynicism promulgated by these modern equivalents of street corner criers.

But the world is full of good and loving people who work together in families, communities, companies, churches, and charities to embrace the Light within us.

Working toward common goals, setting aside our differences, and the ordinary strictures of self-limiting processes, rules, and policies, human beings have an almost infinite capacity to swarm on a problem, a real problem, and solve it in a way that no other form of life is capable of.

Let us embrace the Light within us. Try ignoring the news for three days. Use the saved time to contemplate in meditation. Apply the relief from its negative themes in a positive way to your interactions with the people within the sphere of your influence.

See what a difference it makes.

 #healing #humanity #embracethelight 

(Photo by Zac Durant)