DotNetNuke 4.0 Go To Definition

I spent a few hours this week exploring DNN 4.0 and the team's effort to transform the successful 3.x version into the ASP.NET 2.0 mold. I congratulate the team. They had a lot of work to do and I found the installation and setup easy and the module template is a joy.

Of course, I wish they had chosen C# but that's my own bias. The beauty is that you can add a C# module using the module template right into the DNN web application. Everything seems to work as advertised, EXCEPT...

Open the C# module code generated by the template and right-click on an class name that's part of the DNN source code and select the "Go to Definition" menu option. Hey, where did the code go. I get a C# [meta data] file just like I would with a BCL class rather than the object browser. EXCEPT there is really code available but it's VB.NET.

So I have my first complaint about VS 2005. I'm hoping a reader can help me find the solution. In a mixed language solution, why doesn't the real code open up? Is this a bug or am I missing some configuration thing? First person to help me find the solution get's a $20 Amazon gift certificate, unless I post the solution here first.

One way or the other, I like DNN 4.0 a lot. Sure there's more comprehensive portal and content management systems available, but definitely not for the price. I'm sure I'll run into more trouble as I roll down the .NET 2.0 road, but so far, it's been a lot of fun. Here's to more of it.