Silverlight 4 Enterprise Stack: WCF RIA Services, MVVM and MEF

The .NET technology map keeps expanding, but I have my eye on one particular continent, a little piece of the .NET 4 world I’m calling the Silverlight 4 Enterprise Stack. There seems to be focus coalescing on this important piece of technology real estate.

The Patterns & Practices team blog has a great post looking into the enterprise crystal ball. Be sure to check out their Prism (Composite Application Guidance) on CodePlex.

The primary pieces of the Silverlight 4 Enterprise Stack are:

Other supporting players in the stack are:

With the eminent release of these technologies on April 12, we the Enterprise Software rank and file have much to look forward to in terms of new toys to play with while delivering some amazing new user experiences in the enterprise world.

If you want to keep tabs on the Silverlight 4 Enterprise Stack, be sure to set your RSS reader to tap into these key bloggers:

For us enterprise software geeks, the year 2010 is shaping up to be a very good year!