The 4 Keys to Effective Management

Effective management is simply pushing the right buttons and pulling the right levers at the right time. This requires sufficient information, analytic thought, rational decision, and consequential action. Asking questions and thoughtful contemplation are not enough. If you cannot make decisions and act upon them, you are a researcher; you are not a manager.

  1. Sufficient Information
  2. Analytic Thought
  3. Rational Decision
  4. Consequential Action

Every healthy human being manages something. You wake up hungry (information) and you think about bacon (thought) and you decide to limit yourself to two pieces (rational decision) and you throw three pieces in the pan (consequential action) just in case one of them burns even though you know you’ll eat it anyway. Okay, we’re not all perfect managers. Actually, I’ve never met one, so I’m not sure there is such a thing. Excuse me while I take a break to finish that third piece of bacon…