TechEd: ASP.NET and C# Bonanza

Sadly I was unable to attend, but watching a few videos over the weekend is enough to get my juices flowing for what is coming down the pike for .NET and ASP.NET and C#. Here are a few notes and links:

Amazingly cool stuff coming up for .NET:

Next Generation of .NET for Building Applications

  • .NET Native: (22:40) will eventually be available beyond Win 8 RT apps
  • SIMD: (36:00) up to 8x performance improvement in parallel operations on multiple data streams

Future of Visual Basic and C#

  • Roslyn
    • super fast in-memory next generation .NET compiler
    • inline renaming - wow!
    • open source - on codeplex
  • C#
    • primary ctor: public class Point(int h, int w)
    • getter only auto property: public int Height { get; } = h;

Even more amazingly cool stuff coming for ASP.NET:

The Future of .NET on the Server (intro)

The Future of .NET on the Server (deep dive)


Oh so much to learn and play with. It’s a good time to be alive!