Upgrading to .NET Core RTM and CamelCasing

This post is primarily a place holder and reminder to review Rick Strahl’s post on this topic a few more times.

The change in default serialization does not yet affect me because I was not relying on RC2 for anything serious. However it is critical to note this default behavior for future reference because many of my APIs serialize “as is” so most of my JSON is PascalCase and changing that midstream would bork every client that relies on case sensitivity in the data.

I particularly like Rick’s take on this:

“Personally I prefer to see stuff like this as an easily accessible option, and not something that is rammed down your throat - serialization shouldn't arbitrarily change the naming of properties. While that is often desirable I'm betting there are plenty of scenarios (especially when dealing with .NET to .NET) where you'd much rather have the serialized content reflect the original naming.

“It's especially frustrating in that this doesn't just affect server code where you could easily refactor, but client side code that may already be running. It also makes it harder to port existing code to ASP.NET core and it's not exactly something that's super easy to find if you're searching unless you already know that there serializer settings being sent to JSON.NET somewhere in the framework.”

Well, now the real play begins with .NET Core 1.0 RTM.