Wednesday with Dad


Dad slept well last night and all the way through 8:15 a.m. That was a blessing for him and me. I caught up on some work and got his breakfast and meds ready.
He emerged from his room dressed fully and ready for breakfast. We ate and shaved and drove to town to see Mom. It was a sweet visit. He was very concerned about her and grew teary eyed again as we left. I assured him that Mom would be okay.

We drove the long way home through Ballard and south and around through Myton. It allowed him to calm down and for a few hours I did a little work, but soon he was sitting next to me holding his wedding picture. He knew that it was him and his wife. We talked about how beautiful she was. He wanted to know where she was. As soon as I told him she was in the hospital, he wanted to jump up and go see her. He was instantly worried about her again. I reassured him that she is okay and that we would go visit her again soon.

By a little after noon, he was eager to go, so we headed out again and stopped at Burger King for lunch. After we finished eating, we drove to the hospital the long way around and found Mom with more visitors. She is doing great. And Dad was happy to see her again. She had saved her banana for him and at a smuggled chocolate protein ball instead. Dad at the banana and we lingered through several other visitors.

We made the long journey back through the halls of the one story hospital and out to the truck.

Once we were home, I tried to do a little more work, but eventually decided it would be best to throw in the towel on the work thing and take the rest of the week and next week as PTO. I'll work it out with my boss. My Dad and Mom are much more important.

At about 6 p.m. my brother brought another wonderful dinner made by his awesome wife and we're enjoying an evening of back to back episodes of Blue Bloods.
I'm thankful that I can be here. I would not trade this experience for the world. It is emotionally hard but it is so satisfying to spend time with my parents. They are truly worthy of honor.

I’m not biased or nuthin'.

Tomorrow is another day.

P.S. Dad spent some time in the spare bedroom today. I forgot to check and see what he was up to. I just now learned that he made my bed. He makes his own bed too. My theory is that he worked so hard on the farm for so many years, he aches to do something useful and often wanders the house or the yard looking for some way to contribute, to carry his weight. That's my Dad. I love him so.